Spring Love


I am sure from the title you are assuming this will be some sappy post about love and all of the wonderful things love brings. Well, sorry, not today! My love this spring has been for all things chevron. I do not know why but I find myself gravitating towards this simple yet busy pattern.

Chevron has a long history, dating back to ancient times. There were pieces of pottery decorated with chevron patterns discovered in Crete that dated back to 1800 BC. Those Greeks are so trendy!! Chevron has been used in decorating, for family crest and even for showing military rank. Now, chevron has morphed into something more, fashion.

It seems that everyone is excited about chevron or “zig zags” as some people refer to it. We have brought in bags, towels, wraps and even umbrellas all in fun chevron patterns. From the subtle navy and white chevron to the crazy multi-color chevron, everyone seems to be able to find the color combo that works for them.

I know everyone is not as crazy about chevron as I am and they do not want to wear head to toe chevron but there is a way to slowly introduce it your fashion repertoire. You can start really slow and pick up one of our chevron lunch boxes or beach bags or you can go all in and get decked out for your summer at the beach with the bags, wraps, towels!

Well, now the cat is out of the bag and you all know my little obsession! I think I love chevron almost as much as I love seersucker… I’ll save that for another day!

Fun, multi-color chevron umbrella!

Navy and white chevron for the more conservative chevron lover!


Welcome Changes


Change in your personal or business life can be very scary and your instinct may be to resist. Some changes come easy and we embrace that change and eagerly await the future it see what the change will bring. Over the past week I have welcomed change into my personal and business life and I could not be more excited!

In my last post I spoke of Micah, my boyfriend. As I said before, he grounds me and makes my life better and i am thankful for him. Last Friday night Micah proposed to me, and I said yes! We are very excited and are blessed to have supportive friends and family. I look forward to the process of wedding planning and all of the creativity that will come with it! I will keep you posted on the progress and the inspirations!

We are preparing for quite a bit of change in the shop as well. Jenna and I went to market in January and found lots of fun new products and they are starting to arrive! We have received part of our shipment of new towels. I am in LOVE with these towels! We will keep white and latte in the shop but we will have access to over 25 colors. With the upcoming wedding we will be registering and I really want to register for these towels, they are that amazing!


We have ordered organic cotton pj’s! They are in fun, bright patterns and will be at a reasonable price point. We had such a hard time finding pj’s at a good price point. We found some great sources at market but the pj’s would retail for $80+ and we thought, be for real, that is crazy! I am very happy with the company we found. We have had their organic robes in the shop since the fall and they have sold well. The pj’s should be in Friday or Monday, we will let you know ASAP! -Update, they are in and selling like crazy!!



BAGS,BAGS,BAGS,BAGS, did I say BAGS?!!! We found a line of bags that you can use for the beach, the market, for lunch and much, much more! The bags have cute, multi-colored patterns and the best part is you will be able to add a peel and stick, embroidered, monogram! A few of the bags are insulated too!


This is just the beginning of all of the new items we are adding!

I will keep you posted as I order and as the new inventory

makes it way into the shop.

Happy Mardi Gras!!


I feel that the best way for this blog to begin is to let you see who I am by seeing who is important to me.

My name is Ashley Cole and I own a small retail shop that specializes in customized bath and body products. I have been running my shop since the summer in 2008. In the time since we opened the original shop, we have moved the shop once, lived through construction/ renovations 3 times and we have had one name change. It has been hectic to say the least but I love it. Not only has it been hectic but it has taken a lot of work and I did not do it by myself. I have amazing family and friends and this post is dedicated to them.

Now, in no particular order, the people I love!

20120131-201217.jpgAbove is a picture of me with my parents, Susan & Bert. They are wonderful parents and amazing people, I am very proud of them and thankful for all they do to help me out. This picture was taken at a tailgate party before the Auburn/ Florida game this year in Auburn, AL. Game day in Auburn is one of my favorite things! Just to clarify for my dad’s sake, he is not an Auburn fan. If you are from the south and follow SEC football you know that is important. I am such a good daughter!


This picture is of Micah, my boyfriend and me on a date night. Micah keeps me grounded and I have no idea where I would be without him. As I am sure you will see in future post, I have big ideas and I dream big, sometimes I need to be brought back down to earth! Micah helps me keep my stress level low by making me laugh until I cry and noise no longer comes out. We have a lot of fun together and I am thankful for him everyday. He gives me ideas for the shop without every knowing and I am sure he thinks I don’t listen to him when he chimes in on HCBC but I do and it is appreciated!


Ok, those two have not really helped much with the shop but they help with my sanity, when they are not driving me crazy. The cutie on the left is Brinn, our 8 month old lab/boxer mix. She is super cute and very loving but she is HYPER active and needs a lot of attention! The sweet girl on the right is KK. K has been with me since 2005 and brings a lot of joy to my life. Even when I should be mad at her she makes me laugh. They are good girls and make my time at home great.


That is my sister Summer with her husband Mickey and their little guy Reece. Summer and Mickey have put in a lot of hours working on the shop over the past few years and they accept food and bath products for payment. Can’t beat that!! Summer always has ideas for the shop and they are both so encouraging it is amazing that I can keep my inflated head upright! I have an amazing family!!


Micah and Mickey standing in front of our pallet wall in the shop. When we renovated the shop last time I had the great idea to breakdown pallets and nail them to the wall. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong, it was hard work and took a lot of time. Looks great though and it added a lot to the character of the new shop. Thanks guys!


Summer and Jenna (shop manager and friend) breaking down pallets for the wall. No joke, it was hard work. Jenna on a daily basis keeps me straight at the shop. My life would be a lot harded without her and I know I would never be able to replace her. Thanks for all you do Jenna! P.S- I started a blog. Yay, another thing I will need help with 😉


This is one of my best friends, Cat. Cat and I have been friends since high school and we have been through a lot together, good and bad and we still love each other! Cat is my Quickbooks expert and quickly answers any question that may come up. I think she is the one tech person I do not mind trouble shooting with! Oh, Cat just got married so a big congrats to Cat and her new husband, Shu!!


This little man, Reece, is my heart!! You cannot help but smile when you see him! He almost always has a smile on his face and if he doesn’t, well, he is super ticklish so you can coerce a smile and a huge laugh. Baby laughs are the best!!

This lady is Neely, also one of my best friends. The only reason I know Neely is because of the shop. She came in our old shop a couple of years ago looking for a job and the girl working for me at the time told me to hire her, no questions asked. She is funny, loyal and very honest, even when you don’t really want to hear it. She can talk me down or cheer me up in a heart beat and doesn’t hesitate to call me out when I let stupid stuff slip. I miss her working at the shop!

This blog will certainly bounce between the shop and my personal life. So much of the inspiration for the shop is formed on my personal life and also, it is my blog so I can blog about whatever I want! 😉

I hope you enjoy!

The Nuts and Bolts of it.